martes, 12 de diciembre de 2006

wake up - hilary

theres people talking
they talk about me
they know my name
they think they know
everything but they dont know
anything about me
give me a dancefloor
give me a dj
play me a record forget
what they say
cause i need to know
need to getaway tonight
i put my make up from
my saturday night
i'll try to make it happy
and try to make it alright
i know i made mistakes
i live my life day to day
it's never real easy but it's ok
wake up wake up
from my saturday
could be new york
maybe holliwood and vine
london paris maybe tokyo
somethings going on
anywhere i go tonight
tonight yeah tonight
the cityes restless
it's all around me
people in motion
sick of all the same routines
and they need to go
need to getaway tonight..
people all around u
everywhere that u go
people all around u
they dont really know u
everybodys watching
like is some kind of show
everybodys watching
they dont really know u now
and forever...
wake up, wake up
wake up, wake up....

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